Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship

Indian Ethos in Management

An Entrepreneur is a risk taker. He/She absorbs information from all sources but takes decisions based on personal responsibility. The entrepreneur may be educated or self taught. What distinguishes him/her from the others is the ability to visualise the future and create it in the best way possible. Indian Philosophy explores and puts together the mindset of the entrepreneur that is essential for success.
The entrepreneur consults both head and heart and exercises his hands and legs. Willing to make and learn from mistakes, the entrepreneur is able to handle stress and obstacles in the pursuit of the goal. Patience, fortitude, positive thinking and positive strokes characterise his/her approach to life. The ability to dig deep into one’s personal inner resources to deal with external challenges is the hallmark of the entrepreneur. The philosophy of Yoga, Bhagavad Gita and other Indian systems unite head, heart, body, mind and spirit to bring about this self-trust and self-belief.
The Entrepreneurship Development Program is an attempt to unravel the different facets essential for an entrepreneur to successfully navigate the challenges of competition, globalisation, changing lifestyles, and networking economy. Mumbai University brings you experts in the fields of Yoga, EQ, Marketing, Finance, and Business Development to share their insights and interact with potential entrepreneurs.

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