Directors - Mindflex
Uday Acharya, Anupam Acharya

Experienced Faculty, Mindflex
Arpita Ghosh, Shyla Sehgal, Ravi Raman
Anupam Acharya, Brahmavidananda, Uday Acharya
T R Ramakrishnan, Jagdish M Iyer, V A Raju

Learnings from Indian History
Leadership Mantras from Chanakya
Facilitator: Anupam Acharya
Program Date: Dec.1, 2012 
Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Youth Empowerment

Antahprerana: Inspiring Entrepreneurship: 
Mindflex Training and  Dept.of Philosophy, Mumbai Universith

Speakers - Venkat, Kamini Gogra, Sandeep

Guest of Honour - Entrepreneur Sriram Athri

Antahprerana - Certification time

Stop Press: Interview

A time comes when you stop worrying about financial security, recognition, status, comfort, etc. and start expressing yourself through an inner spring of possibilities. This is when you rise above ego and contribute your best self to the world.

My awareness of realities and possibilities empowers me to welcome life as a flow of positive experiences.

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