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Antah Prerana: Indian Philoslophy for Entrepreneurship

Indian Philosophy for Entrepreneurship 

Antah Prerana

18th March 2012

University Of Mumbai 

A Mindflex Offering jointly with Dept of Philosophy


Antah Prerana

A report of the proceedings of the Seminar on 18th March at Mumbai University
 V Mathrubutham & G Giridhargopalan, Retd.General Managers, Mazagon Docks Ltd..

In a serene environment of seminar hall, Dept. of Life Sciences, University of Mumbai, Kalina, the basic needs of entrepreneurship were philosophically unfurled by eminent speakers to enthusiastic and committed participant’s on18 march 2012.

Sandeep Solanki, Centre for Yogic Studies

Yoga - The Mind Body Connection

Mr.Sandeep Solanki, Centre for Yogic Studies, spoke on "Yoga-Mind Body connection". He not only prepared the participants to be ever energetic to take the challenges on every day basis, but also to receive and absorb tips on good entrepreneurship from the experienced speakers of the day.

                                                                     Participants in Dhyaan

S Venkatraman, Director Wealth Tree & My CFO
Nuts and Bolts of Business Planning

'Nuts & Bolts of Business Planning' by Mr.S.Venkataraman, Director, Wealth Tree & My CFO, was very informative. To look at business from 'Customer centric' and why so with practical illustration was very nice. He spoke of running business with  a mission, understanding market requirement, being demand centric and customer centric, the tool kit necessary for the entrepreneur, cutting costs through lease &rent, attracting venture capital, passion for business, sustainability, restraint, scalability, predictability. He also highlighted the need for utmost caution as doing business in India involves running a marathon combined with a hurdles race.

Dr. Kamini Gogri, Dept of Philosophy, Mumbai University
The Human Person

Dr.Kamini Gogri, Dept. of Philosophy, in her talk on "The Human Person", emphasized that one must be human in balancing biological needs and emotional rational, moral, spiritual discipline. The person needs to have clarity in thought and action. Quality of life is connected with dignity of the human being. The attributes of the human, the idea of progress, how information deepens into wisdom, relevance of human person in entrepreneurship, balancing different human motivations, etc. were all put out in a very simple language and hence was very powerful. 

Uday  Acharya, Director Mindflex
Enterpreneur EQ

The essence and requirement of "EQ-Friendly Entrepreneur" as unfolded by Shri Uday Acharya, Director, MindFlex, was thought provoking. Entrepreneur EQ is based on a set of healthy beliefs about people. He spoke of empowering set of beliefs (I am OK You are OK), the five EQ skills (Awareness of Emotions, Management, Emotional Motivation, Empathy and Leadership), and the four basic emotions as messengers. Some of his observations:
·       Competition is healthy if it helps to set a benchmark for excellence.
·       One has to manage, not to complain about the darkness but light the lamp. 

Anupam Acharya, Director Mindflex
Business Mantras from Chanakya's Arthashastra

The participants were taught Business Mantras of Chanakya by Mr Anupam Acharya, Director,  MindFlex Training. Chanakya was introduced in a very impressive manner. ‘Participants felt motivated to join the CIPL course on Chanakya’s Arthashastra. Some Magic Chanakya Mantras mentioned by Anupam Acharya:
·       Wealth is not only with you but also what is in you:-
·       Be always active. Without activity, prosperity is destroyed.
·       Invest to produce more: One needs wealth to capture more wealth.

Venkataraman, CIPL Student
Introducing Chanakya Institute of Public Governance, Mumbai University

Guest of honour - Shriram Athri, MD Dhanvanthari Engineering

Eminent Speaker, Trainer, Rotarian, and Entrepreneur 
Sharing Experiences:Enthusiastic Interaction with Participants

The concluding brain storming session was held by Mr Sriram, eminent entrepreneur, He kept the participants sitting on the edge of seats by his enthusiasm, energy and philosophy of entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur should not carry the illusion of I, Me, and Mine. An entrepreneur delegates the work but retains proper knowledge of the same. He concluded with words to  remember  that “I am the instrument of lord to do something significant in this Universe” 

Shriram Athri, MD Dhanvanthari Engineering, felicitated by Kamini Ghogre Dept of Philosophy 

Participation Certificates from Mindflex/Mumbai University

Participation Certificates from Mindflex/Mumbai University 

Bharat Jayaram - Master of CeremoniesMindflex Alumni - Public Speaking

Rekha - CIPL Alumnus
Vote of Thanks to Speakers, Participants, Organizers and Volunteers

The event was presented effectively by Mr Bharat as the master of ceremonies, and Ms Rekha gave the customary vote of thanks. The lunch, breakfast, and of course, the tea was very good. The ambience was wonderful and brought in the nostalgia of college days and made us feel young again. 

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