Saturday, June 11, 2011

From Good to Great

Q.  How is a teacher different from a train driver?
A.  Well, while one minds the train, the other trains the mind.

Q.  Difference between a good teacher and a great teacher?
A.. A good teacher helps the student learn by creating an ambience of learning. A great teacher is able to learn from her own students and is able to create great teachers... 

Q.  How does one describe the role of a teacher?
      The teacher is one who scans the range of past and present knowledge, converts it to wisdom, and teaches it to others by becoming a role model through thought, word and deed.. 

Q.  What is Mindflex Training:
A.  Mindflex is a training cum learning organization networking with other learning organizations to build up a young, vibrant, talented and enterprising nation and help make India the foremost economic, cultural, spiritual power in the world. Mindflex Training has a network teachers - masters in their own fields and coming from the teaching tradition of great teachers. . 

Q.  Can one person or organization change the destiny of a nation?
A.  Well, M S Dhoni, Narayan Murthy, and J R D Tata have shown India the way forward to a brighter tomorrow.

Q.  Why Mindflex is preferred when there are so many trainers in the market?:
A.  At Mindflex Training, we believe in human capital. We invest in people, help them awaken to their talents, their potential, and their dreams. We work with you and help convert your dreams into reality. We are catalysts for changing mindsets – something that is as important if not more - than your skillsets. We believe in you and help you believe in yourself.

Q.  How do I benefit from the program?
A.  You will enjoy improved your self-esteem and confidence by:
  • Recognizing how to dress better, walk well, converse easily, accomplish more,
  • Learning to listen and speak assertively and voice your opinions and feelings clearly.
  • Enjoying harmony and relaxation, increase network of friends, and enhance your relationships.
  • Discovering professional skills and attitudes to deal with people at work and across organizations.
Q.  Guarantees… if any?
A.  We cannot convert you into Ambanis or Abdul Kalams. However, we can help you discover a new and better ‘You’, who will be a wonderful person to know and cherish. Help us to help you. Your motivation to grow motivates us to excellence. Our reward is knowing that ‘You have changed’

Q.  Return On Investment?
A.  An investment in our modules gives you life-long returns – proactive attitudes, improved skills, heightened awareness , ability to unlearn-relearn, and confidence to deal with change.Ours is an affordable premium product – no different in price or quality from the accessories you wear for special occasions.  In the battle of price vs quality, we endeavor to find you an attractive price without compromising on our quality.

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