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Uday Today: Tracey Jackson Online

Sometimes you hear me refer to Uday Acharya who appears in Lucky Ducks as The Guru. It’s hard to describe Uday, he is like a Guru but in India that means teacher, and that is what he does. He teaches people and groups and families how to be more productive through the heart and practical thinking mixed in with the wisdom of the ages that is part of his training and the DNA of being an Indian.

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Mindflex: Try Hiding An Elephant

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How many ways do you know to hide an elephant?

Take a minute to think of answers. Atleast five ways to begin with.....!

Mindflex: Golden Rules for Business

1:  Customers are the fuel for our business

“The Customer is King”
"He is not an interruption in our work; he is the purpose of it....  We are not doing him a favour by serving him; he is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so. " - M K Gandhi

Customers are choosy. Can you offer then a choice?
Customers complain. Can you offer them your attention?

2 : Foundation for Business is Research
“Listening is the key to another’s mind.”

Mindflex: The Glass Barrier

When climbing up the corporate ladder there are certain biases like gender, age, race etc. which limit us as we move up. We find ourself rising only up to the pre-set level,  after which we get stuck, unable to progress beyond. These unseen attitudes, biases and prejudices affect our organization as well.

We experience a lot of unfairness at work. Others’ likes and dislikes affect our growth . Often our competence does not count in promotions. Because of this, we find it difficult to fulfill our ambitions, even when we are sincere and capable. This is external limitation imposed by others in the organization.

How about our own internal limitations? These limitations are not set by others but by our own selves.

Mindflex: SMART Goals

Mindflex: Uday Acharya - Q&As from Linkedin

uday acharya
Q&Aa  from Linkedin
Think globally act locally. see how you can contribute as an individual to further the interests of the team, organization, and society. Contribution is a magic factor that makes you see yourself as small and big at the same time. A small act can result in major changes for the common good. It is like Ayn Rand observed - that dimunitive humans can build skyscrapers and enhance their stature as creators of things that are bigger than themselves. Empowering ourselves and discovering purpose is the key to living a fulfilling and happy life.

  • Trainers: What do you do if only some people in the class have done the pre-work?

  • Mindflex: The Null Point

    Null Point  may be seen as the nadir where the system is in total chaos. Or it may be considered as a period where the growth and degeneration of the system are in a steady state with no major significant changes occur.

    Zero is also the ground of all change and creativity. When the mind is free from preconceived notions and assumptions that are taken for granted, there is space for new concepts and thinking. The no-mind is where you put away worries, anxieties, and fears, and build on dreams, hopes, and possibilities.
    When the mind has freed itself from anchorage, it is free to move to new shores and take on new challenges. The no mind is a pit stop where the cars are retyred, refueled and restored to pristine condition.

    Null Point in Civilization
    This is the stage where ecological sustainable systems becomes so urgent a demand that society goes into a meditative hibernation that is different from stagnation. It is the refusal to move ahead in a wrong direction and to take stock about where we have diverged from the path that is right for us. The conflicts between movers and resistors are harmonised into a confluence that highlights change and direction as equally important factor for a healthy civilization.

    Null Point in Literature

    Mindflex: Nature vs Nurture

    All entrepreneurs were born. Maybe they were made to be born. Or born before they were made. Hard to imagine entrepreneurs who weren't born. Perhaps they are yet to be born.

    Unless there is a defect in our DNA, we were all born intelligent. But education ruined us. The logic, which works well during gym workout is -- more you use, the more you have, less you use, more you lose. We live well by learning, and learn well by living. Some live to learn and learn to live. What we learn and how we live is another question altogether.

    Saturday, June 11, 2011

    From Good to Great

    Q.  How is a teacher different from a train driver?
    A.  Well, while one minds the train, the other trains the mind.

    Q.  Difference between a good teacher and a great teacher?
    A.. A good teacher helps the student learn by creating an ambience of learning. A great teacher is able to learn from her own students and is able to create great teachers... 

    Q.  How does one describe the role of a teacher?

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    On Your Mark: Personal Effectiveness Modules

    Come to The Music Gurukul, where you can walk music, talk music, drink music and dream about music. Welcome to our divisions: Pro Guitar Academy, The Drum School, Voilin and Strings Academy. As the icing to our cake, our latest division to arrive on the scene is…. (hold your breath……) … 'On Your Mark:' Personal Effectiveness Modules.

     'On Your Mark:' Personal Effectiveness Modules. arose from a deep concern for our students to reach their full potential. Each of our students have the stuff in them to take on the world with confidence, poise, and grace. These traits are important not only for performance on stage but also off the stage – whether at work, home, or in society.