Friday, June 10, 2011

On Your Mark: Personal Effectiveness Modules

Come to The Music Gurukul, where you can walk music, talk music, drink music and dream about music. Welcome to our divisions: Pro Guitar Academy, The Drum School, Voilin and Strings Academy. As the icing to our cake, our latest division to arrive on the scene is…. (hold your breath……) … 'On Your Mark:' Personal Effectiveness Modules.

 'On Your Mark:' Personal Effectiveness Modules. arose from a deep concern for our students to reach their full potential. Each of our students have the stuff in them to take on the world with confidence, poise, and grace. These traits are important not only for performance on stage but also off the stage – whether at work, home, or in society.

As teachers and guides, we want our students to take their rightful place under the sun. Good teacher do not teach. Rather, they help the students to explore learning. A brainstorming session between Hitesh, Anupam and Uday Sir brought together a pool of teachers, guides and mentors willing to take up the challenge. Hitesh and Anupam have personally learnt from them over the years and have benefitted greatly in terms of attitudes, skills, knowledge, and confidence. 'On Your Mark' Personal Effectiveness Modules represent the confluence of two vigorous streams – Mindflex Training and The Music Gurukul

Now that you have the music, can you let people know what you have? Can you deal with people both on and off the stage and showcase your talents in the best light possible? Can you deal with butterflies in the stomach and frogs in your throat? Can you walk in gracefully to command  the stage? What do you do after saying ‘hello’?

'On Your Mark' Personal Effectiveness Modules is our attempt to help you Steal the Show and walk away with all the prizes. We have programs for public speaking to help you chase away those butterflies in the stomach and frogs in the throat. We help you set and pursue your dreams happily by managing your time and your stress factors. You will pick up conversational skills, learn about formal dressing, party etiquettes, and fine dining. And yes… not to forget the lilting catwalk down the aisle. Discover all about the latest buzz around EQ (…and no…. it does not stand for Entertainment Quarter) that helps you deepen your friendships and rewards you with improved relationships.

All these and much more… only from your friendly neighbourhood music-fan Hitesh in association with the new improved rock-star management whiz, Anupam. On Your Mark! Get Set to play the strings and spread your wings. May this earth be your nursery and the sky be your playground.

more about Mindflex Training Programs

Mindflex Training is a pioneer in off-beat and dynamic Personality Development Programs for All age groups! Mindflex facilitators have combined experience of over 100 years of training at various Educational Institutes and Corporates including many Fortune 500 companies. Our trainers are specialists and extremely reputed.

Mindflex Training and The Music Gurukul have now come together to create a power packed program for people of all ages. Expect more from them in the years to come. We are growing together integrating head and heart, body and soul, mind and supermind.

“On Your Mark” is our attempt to provide an amazing all-round Life Skills enhancing program that even covers Music and Theatre. The ‘On Your Mark’ courses take the participant from an average level to an extraordinary level, fully prepared for the challenges that Life has to offer. This is a “fun-filled power-packed” course, at the end of which the participants get a certificate.

Mindflex Training has a network of expert training facilitators for personality development and personal growth. We work with youth groups and corporates to help create a young energetic and innovative nation. The Music Gurukul is engaged in nurturing the creative intuitive side of the personality through music and theatre.

This is done by covering areas like Goal Setting,Time Management, Stress Management, and EQ. `Overview of Theatre, Guitar, Drums and Violin is included. This is a “fun-filled power-packed” course, at the end of which the participants get a certificate.

Each level will deepen your knowledge, skills, attitude, and energy and focus on the next steps for personal, academic and professional progress.

Competition is meant to bring out the best from within ‘you’. The real race is not run against anyone. Rather, competition is meant to benchmark yourself to improve your best performance. Competitions make you aware of your own hidden potential and realize it fully.

As you progress through the levels, we will give you opportunities to rate your performance. You will receive feedback regarding your strengths and areas of growth. A proficiency certificate will be awarded for each level that you complete successfully.

So without much ado, call Anupam for registrating yourself for the Countdown to a ‘Brand New You’.
     Begins: June 15, 2011
     Venue: The Music Gurukul, Plot 68 Laxmi Bhavan, Gr Floor,
     Sindhi Society, Chembur Mumbai 400071 
     Time: 5pm – 7pm (1st batch); 7pm – 9pm (2nd batch).
     Days: Wednesdays and Saturdays

9819731007,  9819911007

     Fees: Rs. 4500/- for Level 1: The Countdown
     Avail of Rs. 650/- discount only for enrollments in June.
     Pay only 3850/- during June 2011


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