Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mindflex: The Null Point

Null Point  may be seen as the nadir where the system is in total chaos. Or it may be considered as a period where the growth and degeneration of the system are in a steady state with no major significant changes occur.

Zero is also the ground of all change and creativity. When the mind is free from preconceived notions and assumptions that are taken for granted, there is space for new concepts and thinking. The no-mind is where you put away worries, anxieties, and fears, and build on dreams, hopes, and possibilities.
When the mind has freed itself from anchorage, it is free to move to new shores and take on new challenges. The no mind is a pit stop where the cars are retyred, refueled and restored to pristine condition.

Null Point in Civilization
This is the stage where ecological sustainable systems becomes so urgent a demand that society goes into a meditative hibernation that is different from stagnation. It is the refusal to move ahead in a wrong direction and to take stock about where we have diverged from the path that is right for us. The conflicts between movers and resistors are harmonised into a confluence that highlights change and direction as equally important factor for a healthy civilization.

Null Point in Literature

  • Traditions without rigidity.
  • Change based on Vision.
  • Small is Beautiful.
  • Growth without waste.
  • Beauty without cruelty.
  • Revolution without destruction.
  • Thought s before action.
  • Important  is Urgent (and not the other way around),
  • Diversity without  conflict,
  • Competition with Co-operation,  `

Null Point in Numbers
Zero converges with Infinity as the womb for finite numbers.  Everything divided by zero measures up to infinity. Anything multiplied by zero or infinity adds up respectively to zero or infinity. Presence and absence of numbers are just phenomena that manifest and disappear.... while zero rooted in infinity is the mother for all phenomena. Phenomena is change, Reality....... changeless. Appearance and Reality have the same locus ....... in perfect harmony without losing out to each other.

Null Point is a transition point from -1 to 1. As such Null is just a reference point between numbers since numbers are relative. Null can be any number between n-1 and n+1. Thus Null represents all points on the number line. Null is All and it is None.

Null Point in Business Growth

  • Authentic Advertising,
  • Balancing Sales pitch and Fine print,
  • Abundance Thinking,
  • Creative Visualization,
  • Finding and Meeting a Need
  • Interdependence and Synergy
  •  Go Getting and Letting Go
  • Leaving a Legacy
  • Treating Consumers as Human Beings,
  •  Balancing Needs of All Stock Holders
  • Trusteeship for World’s Resources

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