Friday, November 25, 2011

Generating creative ideas: Take your mind for a jog

Metaphors are a good way to generate ideas. eg. How is a machine like a dictator? How is powerpoint like the Pacific Ocean? What is similar between a vacation and baking cookies?

Lateral thinking is random movement from one thought to another. A cake reminds you of sweet reminds you of diabetes reminds you of your doctor reminds you of your dentist reminds you of drilling reminds you of the oil prices reminds you of your bank balance and so on. Radial thinking is more systematic in that you come back to the original word or thought and build a web of words around the central idea.

Provocative Thinking
(PO - Beyond Yes and No by Edward Debono) is the ability to challenge ideas by asking why, why not, and imagining impossibilities like hot ice and boring clown. PO works by asking what can be different, and what different things can be. Life can be much different from what we are used to. This is the stuff of science fiction and hollywood movies.

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